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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Another Great Week

Ah, this week was SO good! I had an interview with the President on Wednesday and it was very good and much needed. I am not so sure that Hermana Barraza and I will have transfers, but I am learning how to love someone when they really do not deserve it. So that is good. I am also learning how to stand up to her and talk with her. I will be prepared for marriage. :) We have a family that is progressing! They are just waiting for his divorce to be finalized so then they can get married then baptized! Please pray for Isreal, Doris, Yurtizi, Sherlyn, Itzayana, and Jessnany. Buena Suerte con el nombres! :) (good luck with the names) Missionary work is not easy because salvation is not a cheap experience.

Spanish is coming along. I know a lot more than I give myself credit for. Things are slowly but surely getting better here. I am so happy this week, and the past week. Sick, but happy. I am also getting better. :) I do not know what I have because Drs here are crazy haha. Oh goodness. The stories I will have when I get home. 

I got my package on Wednesday!!!!!!! :) THANK YOU!!! It wasnt even opened to get inspected.

Saturday and yesterday where really good days. I feel the love my investigators and the members here have for me. I got a note yesterday from a girl here and she wrote about how strong I am and how much faith I have and how she looks up to me. I needed it. 

I have a sad story. I have felt for a few days now that we needed to go to a less active young women in our ward. I did not know this girl but I felt like we needed to go. I told my companion about these feelings and she said it was not important or that we did not have time. On Saturday We were in Tezoquipa and this feeling came very strong that I needed to go see this girl in Dendho. I told my companion and I told her we NEEDED to go. After some arguing we were headed to Dendho. I am going to call this girl Jill. We got to her house and she answered the door. I talked with her and she did not really want much to do with us. I saw a guitar so I asked her if she played the guitar. She said yes. I then asked if she would play a song for us and she said she needed someone who could play the piano. I told her she was in luck because I play the piano. After some begging she told us to come in and she played a song. I started talking to her about life and what she likes to do. I felt like I needed to ask her if she knew that Heavenly Father loves her. So I did. and she just started crying and saying how alone she feels and like God is not here for her. It broke my heart. It broke my heart because she felt this way.. but also because I saw a lot of me (before I had my conversion) in her. I felt like I was sister rigby and she was me. We talked a lot and I gave her our number. It was crazy how I love people and care about people I do not even know here. and More importantly, it showed me how I can not EVER ignore a prompting. 

Thanks for all the love and prayers! I hope you have a FANTASTIC week!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wow Two Months in Mexico City

Hello my dear family! How are you? Time is very short today because we went to the ruins!! I loved it!! Expect pictures next week. This week was much much better. The President helped me a lot.That's the good thing about being at rock bottom, things can only get better and you can only build yourself up and make you a better, stronger person.:)
  It is true that you have to work really, really hard with the investigators. None came to church yesterday, so many have baptismal dates but they don't come to church.
  A typical day in my world.. hmm.. there is no such thing ha-ha. We wake up at 6:30, from 6:30 we pray then exercise until 7. Then we get ready for the day until 8. Then we have personal study from 8 to 9. Then companionship study from 9 till 11. Then we have lang. study (well we are supposed to anyways) from 11 to 12. We then go to work. We have lunch from 2 to 3. then work, work, work until 9. then at 9 to 10 we plan, then at 10:15 we write in journals then bed. P-day is the same until 10. From 10 till 5 it is our time, time to wash clothes, go to the store and clean the house, and write home.
    (This is in response to a feeling Valerie had last Wednesday night. She inquired of Ashton in her email if anything may have been happening that evening. Who says that the spirit and a mothers intuition don't work.)
  Okay.. this is really creepy mom. And I do not want to worry you, but on Wednesday we were supposed to be home and we weren't because the transportation stopped and we had to walk a good distance to get home. At around 8:55-9:00 we were in Bojay and it is right next to the train that lots of people jump on to sneak into the states. There was a big group of men staring at us and making cat calls. Right as we almost had to walk past them a member drove by and started honking and took us home. I think that it was inspired. Who knows what would have happened.
  Thanks for all the love, support, and prayers. I felt them this week. I have so much to tell you! Ah! How is Grandma doing? I fasted for her on Wednesday and have prayed for her everyday. My whole district has actually been praying for her. That's what I love about how close our district is.
  All is well here is Mexico. Keep the prayers coming. I hopĂ© all is well in Utah.