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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New American Elder

Hola familia! ¿Como estuvo tu semana? We had two investigators show up to church yesterday! They have a baptismal date for the 16 of Feb. So hopefully all goes well and they keep keeping their end of the deal. We have seven people who have baptismal dates but only three of them are working towards it. 

  I had an interesting experience on Friday. We were in Cardonal contacting old investigators and we went to one. I will call him Juan. We contacted Juan and he started telling us how he is gay, suicidal, very depressed, and addicted to drugs. He started crying because his mom doesnt like him because he stole money from her. It was really awkward. We cant teach people who have the problems he has.. which is sad because the gospel could help him. We told him that Heavenly Father loved him then left haha. It was real awkward though.

  Transfers were on Tuesday. A brand new American Elder is now in our area!! My Spanish is really good!!! I just needed to hear a new American talk to realize how much I have improved. I am real excited to have him here!! Now I dont get all of the stares in church!! :) 

  Not much happened this week to tell you about. It is same old same old here. The weather has been super nice though! We have to invite investigators to baptism on the first or second visit and I hate it! It always makes them say no because we are rushing them!!
 I think that is all I have this week. Keep the prayers coming. I need them. I love you all!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Hard But Good Week

This week was hard, but good. I know the first few months are going to be the hardest.
   I keep telling myself that when I want to give up that I can't because I am going to be somebody's Sister Rigby. Also I am going to be a better person, a better wife and a better mom for going on a mission.When I got my blessing last week I was told that people have been prepared just for me. It was like my Patriarchal blessing over again. It was really neat and I am sure Sister Rigby had hard times. If she would have gone home.. I don't know where I would be.. but I def don't think it would be here. I can do this, I can do hard things, and it is going to be a blessing for me to know Spanish when I get home.  
  We had three investigators come to church yesterday!! Yay for improvement!! Our investigators don't really understand why church and the sacrament is important. No matter how much we explain with scriptures. It is frustrating. It is hard because there are so many expectations here and we are trying but our investigators are not progressing.
   I had something neat happen yesterday. We were at  our lunch appointment and the family (the same one I skypéd you from) invited their non member friends. We started talking to them about the church. They are very, very Catholic and wanted nothing to do with it. At the end I just opened my mouth and words literally just came out. There was so much power in me. I have no idea what I was saying but my companion said the spirit was very strong, and Hermana Angles was crying and said it was very powerful.
   This week we did a lot of work with the members and MAs. It is an honor to be a mouth piece for the Lord. He def watches over us and protects us. He tests our faith and patience too. As a missionary you get to study a lot and you become very close to the spirit and our heavenly parents.This week I studied faith and the Atonement.. The more I study it the more I don't understand it and I am confused. This week I think I am going to study grace, and faith, and the Atonement more.
    We still have cold water. We need gas for the boiler and the people said they were going to come and they never did.
   I don't know what else to really tell you about. I played fútbol today. That was fun. I am sore now ha-ha. 
        I love you and hope all is well! 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Hardest Week Ever

  This week was freakin hard.. harder than my first week here to say the least. I hit rock bottom on Wednesday and just cried and cried. I asked myself why I was even here, 1500 miles away from home and everything I am comfortable with. It carried on into Thursday. We had district meeting on Thursday and I got a blessing. Things are still hard but they are getting better.
    I will get a list of all my investigators together this week and send names to you this next week. We have a lot.(We asked for a list of her investigators so we could pray for them by name.)
    Mexico is super hard to teach in because everybody and their dog is Catholic and there is a lot of Bible bashers here. I wouldn't go back in time if I could. I love the person I am becoming. I don't think I have ever had a testimony this strong or have been this close with my Heavenly Father in my life.
   The weather has been nice!! It rained on Saturday but it has been nice since. Transfers are this week. I am staying in Atitalaquia with Hna. Barraza.
  We had 11 Baptisms scheduled for this next week and the week(s) after. But 0 showed up to church so when we called in to report our indications we got a nice chewing out that left me and my companion crying. There are so many expectations for us here and it seems that no matter how hard we work we don't have any success.
   I love this Mormon message a lot http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5FxdCgD-qI&list=PL4E784EC0770935C0 and this one too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rr8xvw0cgw0&list=PL4E784EC0770935C0 I need to remember that the Gardner is going to trim me because he knows what I am supposed to be and what I can become.
   Here are a few more pictures.
   I know this week will be better. I love you.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Mexico City Temple Visit

  Ah!I have so much to say. I hope I can remember it all! Sorry about last week. We were running around with an investigator helping her out all day.. so I only had time to email the President. 

  The Mexico City Temple closed on Saturday for the whole time that I will be here. Luckily the Angeles family (The family who I skyped you from) invited us to go with them. I loved it!! It is such a beautiful temple. I didnt understand a whole lot but it was still a great experience.

  How was your New Years? We had to be in by 7 on New Years so I had a lot of time to reflect on 2013. What a year. I have loved it. I have struggled. and I have grown. In more ways than I ever thought I could. Its just funny to think about where I am now and where I was back in January. 

  It rains here all the time! Its funny how fast our bodies adapt to the climate.. I am freezing here now!! The houses dont have carpet or heaters so that doesnt help either. 

  I have a cute story. Last week we were working and it was raining and all of our investigators fell through with their appointments or they didnt have time so we started contacting and just talking with everyone and no body wanted to listen to us... we are now soaking wet, freezing, and no body wants to listen.. very frusterated we look at each other and both just start cracking up. We couldnt stop laughing. It was a memory I will always remember here.

  We couldnt make carmels.. here in Mexico they dont have any of the ingrediants that I needed.. 

  I need to write Grandma Johnson, Grandpa and Grandma Turek, Uncle Joes family, Misti, and aunt Marilynn but I havent had a chance to buy stamps yet. Im working on getting letters out though. 

  Today during personal study I read Alma 8. I loved it. It hit home to me because thats how I have felt here. But like Alma, I am not going to give up. Its a really good chapter. I invite you to read and study it. 

  Yesterday we taught the lesson in Relief Sociey. I used the talk You Never Walk Alone by President Monson. I love this talk and I hope you will take the time to read it. 

  I have a million pictures to send so be ready. I love you and hope you have a great week!