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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New American Elder

Hola familia! ¿Como estuvo tu semana? We had two investigators show up to church yesterday! They have a baptismal date for the 16 of Feb. So hopefully all goes well and they keep keeping their end of the deal. We have seven people who have baptismal dates but only three of them are working towards it. 

  I had an interesting experience on Friday. We were in Cardonal contacting old investigators and we went to one. I will call him Juan. We contacted Juan and he started telling us how he is gay, suicidal, very depressed, and addicted to drugs. He started crying because his mom doesnt like him because he stole money from her. It was really awkward. We cant teach people who have the problems he has.. which is sad because the gospel could help him. We told him that Heavenly Father loved him then left haha. It was real awkward though.

  Transfers were on Tuesday. A brand new American Elder is now in our area!! My Spanish is really good!!! I just needed to hear a new American talk to realize how much I have improved. I am real excited to have him here!! Now I dont get all of the stares in church!! :) 

  Not much happened this week to tell you about. It is same old same old here. The weather has been super nice though! We have to invite investigators to baptism on the first or second visit and I hate it! It always makes them say no because we are rushing them!!
 I think that is all I have this week. Keep the prayers coming. I need them. I love you all!

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