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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mari Gets Baptized

Hello!! How are you all? How was the week? Sorry about last week. It was just a bad week all in all. But, this week was much better.

Maricela was baptized yesterday! It was quite the experience. But, I was happy to be part of it. She can not walk very well, so she had a lot of fear that she was going to fall in the font and drown, so she was crying. But everything turned out to be good. 

My Companion is getting transfered tomorrow... :( We are really sad. We have become best friends here and it is so hard to say goodbye. However, we have plans to visit each other after the mission. She is going to Cuautitlan Izcalli. I am staying in the area as senior companion. My new comp. only has 6 weeks in the mission. I am TERRIFIED!!!!! I am kinda mad haha. But.. I know that everything will be good.

We are having hurricanes here. The weather is SO crazy! It hails all the time and the hail is the size of golf balls and the storms come out of no where, so yeah.. we always get caught in down pours, strong strong winds and hail. No fun.

This week was quite a busy week. We had a missionary actitivy on Friday in our ward. We had a talent show. We sang a hymn in a rock version.. hahahaha... I am pretty sure our Bishop did not like it, but the rest of our ward did. We dressed as men in black.. but women because we were in our skirts. It was a pretty good night and we recieved referrals because of it!! Woot!! Then on Saturday, Mari had her interview. We were honestly thinking she would not pass because she has memory problems and 15 mins before her interview she did not remember ANYTHING!!! But, the spirit must have helped her because she passed with flying colors. Then on Saturday night, our zone sang at a single adult thing. Hahahaha.. it was rather awkward to be there as a missionary with all these poeple flirting and yeah. After, we all felt very weird. But we sang We´ll bring the world his truth and we also recieved a lot of referrals too. Then on Sunday, Mari was baptized. So it was quite the week.

I think that is all that I have for this week. I hope you have an excellent week! Please send extra prayers my way this week. I think I may need them. I love you and pray for you. 

Until next week- Hna. Turek

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