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Monday, June 23, 2014

Juanita and Ramon Getting Married

Hola hola!! Como está? 
Pues, this week we got everything as far as paperwork done for Juanita´s and Ramon´s wedding. Here, it is a longggg process! You have to go get a bunch of tests done and It is a lot of paperwork. Well on Wednesday, we took them to Tula to get their blood tests done and Ramon passed out Haha, it was interesting because we were their "family" there so they turned him over to us and he was in and out for about 20 minutes. It was quite the adventure. But, now everything is ready and they will be getting married on Thursday at 3:00 :) Then on Saturday at 12:00 ,Juanita is getting baptized and on Sunday she will be confirmed. We actually reached our goals this month! Two baptisms! :) 

I do not have much to report this week, as we were busy with all the wedding stuff. We are working hard, doing a lot of walking.. all day long. And.. sadly, my shoes died this week. I do not have black shoes anymore. So I am hoping to get my package this week, and I am praying that my shoes did not get stolen. I need them. Haha.

 I love you and hope all is well! Until next week- Hna Turek

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