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Monday, December 16, 2013

So I'm Here

So.. I'm here. I don't really know how to feel about it. It is very different from Utah and I'm very homesick. There is a huge language barrier and the food makes me feel blah, We also don't have hot water, but my companion has this weird thing that uses electricity to heat the water so we shower with a bucket. Just don't touch the water while its heating. I learned that the hard way haha. 
   The people make such a fuss about me here and I don't exactly know why.. but this cute little abuela (grandma) in her very broken English told me that I was very, very special to her. I get honked at and stared at all of the time. It's annoying. I'm  in an area called Atitalquia. We are the first Sisters to serve here ever. So the President has a lot of faith in us. We have four new investigators and visit inactives a lot. Today, we hiked this huge mountain!
    Also, our house is sketchy haha. There is a bunch of wires right outside our door. And, the toilet and shower are all together. Mexico is very different than I expected. I realized something really, really cool the other day. The reason I had problems with my white count is because if I wouldn't have had that week delay, I wouldn't be here!! My  mission opened up to American sister on July 1, and my call was assigned on July 5th. Pretty cool. 
    I am also very sunburned! President Call says to tell Tyler hello. 
    I will be sending photos here in a min. 
    I love you all and miss you much!
 Ps I dont know how to work this keyboard. 

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