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Monday, March 17, 2014

First Transfer

I made it past transfers. My new companion here in San Marcos 2 in Tula is Hermana Gonzalez. I LOVE her!!! We have SO much fun! It was a very very good and needed change. I am only 30 mins away from Atitalaquia too. But I love San Marcos SO much. The members are golden! 

Hermana Slaughter went home. I have struggled with this, but she wrote me today and she is so happy. My companion has also helped me alot with this. What she doesnt know is we would have been in the same district. But all is well.

I got stung by a bee today three times. I was worried cause I know lyssa is alergic and I do not know if I am or not, but so far so good. 

Okay to answer your questions. No, we do not have hot water here. But I am used to this now. It is normal. Members do our laundry here. I like this. :) 

I do not have much to write this week. Other than I am happy and all is well. Oh.. and guess what? I am the new choirs pianoist. yay.. ha. 

I hope all is well and that you have a great week!

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