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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I Love Mexico City

Hola mi amors, 
    How are you? This week went by really fast. We had interviews on Wednesday. Not much happened this week. We have one progressing investigator. His name is Andres. His wife, Raquel is a member and they have a baby. Now that they have a baby she wants an eternal family. This is why I will only marry in the temple. Just because I have seen how much she is hurting now. But anyways back to Andres. He has a lot of doubts and what not. But he is coming to church and is learning. Which is good. Please pray for him. 

  Things are getting a little bit better with the ward and the members working with us. They are slowly, but surely gaining trust and confidence. This is good.

I got fired from the choir hahahaha. No. They called a member now. Which is also good. It is better for the member than for me because who knows when I will leave.

  This week I had a lot of little spiritual experiences and I learned and grew a lot. On this coming Friday, it will mark one year since the night I knew what I needed to do and that was to leave everything behind and serve the Lord. I have reflected on this a lot this week. It is a decision that I will always be thankful for. I do not know why the Lord has called me. I am a inadequate, 19 year old girl . But I am thankful for it. I have learned and grown in ways I did not know were possible.
  Oh this week, i finished the book, our search for happiness. it is a must read! I learned a lot. but one thing that really stuck out to me was this. elder ballard said: every year thousands of young, single men and women and older couples leave home, family, and friends at their own or their families expense to serve the lord as missionaries in various parts of the world- even though, to be perfectly candid, most of them feel every bit as uncomfortable standing on your doorstep as you do finding them there. Whenever you serve the Lord, He blesses you. Many of our missionaries begin their missions thinking they are going to repay Heavenly Father for His goodness toward them by serving Him for 18 months or two years. But before long they learn an important eternal truth: you can never do more for the Lord than He can do for you... The work they are called to do is hard and sometimes discouraging. But because they have the assurance that they are on Gods errand, they are able to valiantly serve Him. I often suggest to those who want to know if the Church is true that they spend a few hours working with our missionaries. It doesnt take long to learn that no one can do all of the things a missionary does every day without knowing beyond any question that what they are doing is right and true. The Lord does bless his missionaries just as surely as they bless the lives of those they teach and baptize. Difficult languages are learned with astonishing speed and skill. Financially strapped families back home find unforeseen means to support their missionaries. Weaknesses become strengths, challenges become opportunities, trials become triumphs, and adversity becomes an adventure in the service of the Lord. I LOVE this and I wanted to share it. 

  I start my English classes this week on Thursday.. gah. I do not know what to teach.. so please pray for me! We need success from this!

  I love you and hope that you have a GREAT week!
-Hna Turek 

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