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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Being Sick is No Fun

Hola familia! 
  This week has been pretty.. well.. blah. My companion has been sick. With the same problems I have been having. Ha. The bad news? Every single doctor has a different diagnosis. One Dr. told her it was typhoid, the other said hepatitis, the other said colitis. So.. yeah. Our work this week was not all that great.. which is also bad for me. When we sit in the house all day, it gives me time to think all that I am missing at home and then I get home sick and then I am sad. So.. we just need to stay busy!!

  Today we were playing basketball and another missionary threw the ball and it smacked my face.. I now have a split lip.. that should probably use a couple of stitches. But that is not important haha. I do not exactly trust the medical care here yet. :) 

  Andres is still struggling. Yesterday the lesson was combined for the last hour. It was on how to prepare a body for burial and a lot of things to do with the temple came up. We know he is going to have even more doubts now. Gah. haha. Oh the joys of being a missionary. On a happier note, we told his wife to bare her testimony in church so he could here it and she said no, I do not like that blah blah blah. Anyways, I bore my testimony yesterday and after me she did it and after the block she told me that she figured if I could do it when I am learning a whole different language, she could do it too. That made me happy. :)

  Speaking of the language.. I am starting to dream in Spanish.. oh cielos! It is the weirdest thing! Also another thing with Spanish. A lot of people here when I talk say "No entiendo" or they laugh and it is starting to get a little discouraging. I know my Spanish is not great.. but they could at least be understaing that I have not been speaking this language my whole life! In fact.. 5 months ago yesterday was the first time I really started to get into real Spanish! 

  Can you believe it has been five months? I do not know how it has been for you, but for me the time has FLOWN by. And just for my mom.. tomorrow.. one year ago around noon we were sitting in Chilli's and I said "oh by the way.. I am going on a mission" and you just cried, and did not know whether it was an April fools joke or the truth. :) Ah.. It is still so weird to me. I honestly never thought I would be a missionary. I never saw this in my future. And at times, I feel so inadequte, but I just put my trust in Heavenly Father and he makes up for my weaknesses. But I honestly love being a missionary. It is discouarging at times and it is very hard. But I love it. Complete strangers become like my family. Ah. I just can not explain it.

  You asked about my companion- Hermana Gonzaléz. She is from Queretaro. (very close to here. In fact in July before they re-did the mission boundaries she lived in this mission.) She is like my sister. We have so much fun and we stay up all night talking. It is horrible but it is fun. I feel like I have known her forever and it is going to be a very sad day when we have transfers. She is an awesome companion. 

  I watched the broadcast on Saturday, obviously in Spanish.. and it was so neat! I loved the I am a child of god video. It made me think of just how true this church is. If it was not true.. it would fall and it would not be in all the countries and places it is in. 

  I think that is all that I have to share for this week, but please pray for Andres, Juanita, Maricela, Fernanda, Liliana, Yanet, Yolanda, Octavio, Marybel and Viridiana. I love you and hope you have a great week! nos vemos- Hna Turek

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