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Monday, March 17, 2014

San Marcos 2

How was your week? Mine was pretty good. :) Things here in San Marcos are pretty good. Yesterday Doris, Israel, and Sherlyn were baptized!! I am so happy for them. While I did not get to see them enter the waters of baptism, the joy I feel for them is pretty great. 
   Here in our ward San Marcos 2, we are struggling to get the members to work with us. Yesterday the first councilor to the bishop was talking to us because the mission work here is sucking big time and the members do not like the missionaries because of two that were here previously. They were a burden but he can see that we have excitement for this work and every time he sees us in the street we have huge smiles on our faces. So yesterday we talked of ways to get the members to work with us and get this work going again. I am going to start having English classes. This scares me too death because I do not know how to teach! But I know it will all be good. If you have any ideas on how we can get the work going please let me know.
   My companion pushes me too, she is just different than hna barraza. It is what I honestly needed. My Spanish is okay, I still have a lot to learn. But for being here only 4 months my Spanish is pretty good. It is definitely because of the gift of tongues. Yes, we have language study as companions actually. I help her with her English and she helps me with my Spanish. It is pretty good, I just love Mexico.
   We have a couple of investigators. Vidiana, Yolanda, Octavio, Katia and a man named Edger. Edger stopped us on the street my first day here and said he wanted to learn more and be spiritually strengthened, but when we went to his house his wife was so rude, and was like I do not want anything he doesn't need anything we are good and slammed the door in our faces..So yeah ha-ha. The fun things that happen when you are a missionary.
    I had a spiritual experience this week I am going to share with you. It is really hot here now and I have not felt that great.. well we were walking down the street and I had like a I don't know what.. it was weird.. it was like a vision. I saw a family and I was teaching them. (before this as I was walking, I was thinking in my head.. ugh.. its so hot here. I am tired and I am sick. none of this would be like this if I was at home) I was teaching this family and I saw them change right before my eyes.. I don't know it is weird. Its hard to explain.. but then I realized why I was here. and how great my calling is. Its a pretty neat thing. Its crazy to be living so close to the spirit. Part of my mission theme is.. "Because I have been given much, I too must give. This is a time for me to give back to my Savior" So I want to be the best that I can be.
   My mom asked me a couple weeks ago if I had bought or thought of any souvenirs.. I told her yes. A new love for the book of Mormon. A new love for my parents and all that they have done and do for me, and a new love for this gospel.They make me a better version of me.
             I will have a great week. :) I love you muchísimo! 

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