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Monday, July 28, 2014

Hermana Isaura Got Baptized

Hola, Hola.
How are you? What is new? This post will not be very long because we had to go to a kinda sucky internet place today.. :(

Hermana Isaura was baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday. She is so special. I have already been invited to come back in a year to go through the temple with them. :) The spirit was SO strong at her baptism, and a lot of people attended. So we were pretty happy. 

Hermano Ramon is still staying strong. He has a baptismal date for the 16th of August. On Wednesday, he even put his baptismal date on the calendar in their house and put a huge circle around it. He also has a lot of signs in his house to help him not drink. Keep praying for him.

Hermano Eliseo is being difficult now. He is having a hard time understanding the authority and why our church has it and his does not. Dad, can you please send me your line of authority? That could help us a lot. 

Hermana Gabriela finally came to church yesterday and liked it a lot. So, that is progress. We hope that she will continue to have the desire to learn and grow. 

Hermano Octavio (remember him?) came to the baptism on Saturday. I think he felt the spirit big time because yesterday he asked when he could be baptized. He is ready now. And basically he can be baptized when he wants. So, that is a miracle. We have an appointment with him tonight to put the date. :)

Mom, I wrote a letter to the activity day girls after Sis. Beecroft sent me a letter from them, but I sent it to her so she must have forwarded it to Tanya. :)

Things here are the same. Hot and dry right now. But things are good. We had exchanges this week and our leaders were impressed with my progress so that is good. I do not think that I have very much more to report on. I hope you have a fantastic week. 
Con mucho amor- Hna. Turek

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