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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Great Day, Ramon Gets Baptized

Hola Family and friends!
How were your weeks? What new things happened?

Well, This week was a very busy one to say the least. We felt like we were running a marathon the whole week. And, we have not had water here since Monday. All of Tula and the surrounding cities have not had water for a whole week because there is no water here. We need more rain!

Because there is not any water, it made the baptisim for Ramón very complicated. It came to the point that the Bishop said it was just better to wait, but my companion and I fought for his baptism and he was able to be baptized on Saturday at 4 in another church. No-body came, but it did not matter to him. He was so happy after. He comented how he had waited for 63 years for this day and now he finally feels complete with his new life. It was a very special experience to be a part of. After, we were talking with him about how Heaven had a lot of happy people this day because he was baptized then we talked about family history. He asked me to do his families work when I get home. It is pretty special for me. Right now, he and Junita are working on getting to the temple in a year.

We celebrated my Birthday on Saturday with Mari, Juanita, and Ramon. They bought us a cake and put a firework on it!! It was pretty sweet. I recorded it so, I will have to send a CD of it here soon. On Sunday, we had another party! I did not know about it. One sister asked us to come to their house to eat dinner so we were like "Yeah, we like food! :)" So we went and it turned out to be a surprise party. We made pizza and she made a german chocolate cake. Man, it was good. It was pretty fun.

Things here have been pretty complicated with no water. The good thing is, we have a well here at our house. The bad thing is, every morning we have to get up at 5 to get water. We have a 5 gallon bucket that we throw down this huge hole.. I swear you can see China with how deep it is, then we have to pull it back up. We do this like 12 times. We will be buff when we come home. 

This week, my infection has seemed to get worse. I have decided to not treat it anymore. I am going to put it in our Heavenly Father´s hands. I am asking for you all to please pray for me. I could really use some extra prayers.

And.. the news as far as transfers go. I have a transfer. I am going to the city of Huehuetoca (pronounced way way toca) I am finally leaving the small towns and the state of Hidalgo and I am going to the big cities and the state of Mexico. I will be Sr. Companion again, and that is about all I know. I do not know who my comp. will be or anything else.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I really do have the greatest friends and family. I hope you all have a great week! Until next week- Hna. Turek

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