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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sore Throat Again

Hola hola!
This week was an adventure. Where to begin, I do not even know.

I woke up with another sore throat on Wednesday. We called the Dr. and she could not come until 6 in the afternoon, so I kept trying to endure until she could come look at my throat. 6 o´ clock finally came and we met with her in the church. I have the infection again, and it is also on my tongue now. My poor tonsils look like they were put in a blender and blended. I am doing another round of antibiotics and we will see how I am on Saturday. I do not know why I just can not beat this infection.. but it is kicking my behind pretty good. I am so tired physiclly.

We went to the visitors center here in the city on Saturday. We took two less actives with us. It was a pretty good time. I wish the temple was  open, but it will not be open for another year. It was good for the less actives. Hermana Eldenia (the sister we took) was asking alot about being sealed and endowments. She wants to do that and she proved it by bringing the whole family to church. She told me she wants to wait for September of 2015 to be sealed so that I can come. We will see what happens. :)

Ramon had a hard week this week. His friends came with alcohol on Friday. He is really looking forward to being baptized that he told his friends to leave. It was neat to watch because we totally thought he would drink and that his date would fall. The good news? He will be baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday. It is kinda weird how complete strangers come to be close friends and you have such a huge love for them and want them to do what will truly make them happy. That is how I feel about all of my investigators and recent converts here. I just can not describe the love that I have for them.

One sister is coming to St. George the last week of September. She asked if I wanted to send something so I am going to be sending a package. But, I need someone to meet her at the temple. (She will call when they are there) Also, they do not speak very much English so it would be helpful to have someone who can translate. If this is pòssible for you, please let me know. 

My thought for the week: "As we extend our hands and our hearts towrad others in Christlike love, something wonderful happens to us. Our own spirits become healed, more refined, and stronger." - Elder Uchtdorf. 

I think that this is about all that I have for this week. I hope you have a fantastic week and do what is right. Love you all. Until next week- Hermana Turek

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